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The intention of this site is to help keep family, therapists, care-givers, and educators who work with Brandon up to date on his means to communicate with you.  Many of you may not get to see him for a week or more at a time.  To keep him moving forward, our hope is to build steady, consistent improvement to his speech and fine motor skill development.  By visiting this site or receiving emailed posts before you have valuable, limited time with Brandon – such as an upcoming family visit, a play date with your child, therapy or teaching session, we hope to cue you to  some of the  signs and speech aproximations that Brandon has just learned.  This cross-environment consistency is absolutely critical to his language development at this time.

Note to New Visitors

If you are new to this site, you have either been invited as an active person in Brandon’s life, or perhaps discovered us through a search engine.  If you stumbled onto this site, you are most welcome to post your questions (and encouragement!) in the guest area of our Posts section.  As the focus of this website is to help our son’s speech progression to move forward, the remaining commentary areas are intended to be used by invited therapists, care givers, family, and friends.  Thanks for your understanding!

We wish to draw your attention to the options to the right of this text.  We encourage all active participants in Brandon’s life to follow the blog posts by email.  It is the easiest way for you to keep up to date.

We encourage all professionals to post to let us know what you are worked on during your last session.  If not, please connect with us and we will be most happy to do it for you.  We want to share visibility of your expertise, insights, milestones and thoughts when possible.  For example, if our speech therapist is working on saying “please”, it would be great if those in daycare and school knew to focus on that word the following week.  If he learned a sign for “water”, it would be great if anyone seeing him that week might use that sign with him to help reinforce it.  It will be small yet important things like that, that will keep things moving forward.  Oh, one last note; when you post, please add at least one category that your comment relates to.  This will help everyone to find information relating to their discipline easier!

Thank you everyone for your continued prayers, efforts, and good works.  We cannot thank you enough, and we greatly appreciate all of you do for Brandon and our family!

Jim, Anne, Victoria, Bridget & Brandon

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